Event 2022: Practicing Positive Masculinities for Gender Transformative Change

CHSJ in collaboration with Assam Branch Indian Tea Association (ABITA) and supported by UNICEF organised six days of residential training for trainers (TOT) for Tea Garden Coordinators and Circle Coordinators on positive masculinities from 27 October to 1 November 2022 in Dibrugarh, Assam. The main objective of the training workshop was to create a deeper understanding of masculinities and their relation to social identity, violence, and discrimination. The training and capacity-building workshop helped more than 60 participants to explore ways to address gender inequality and social injustice through a positive masculinity lens. The sessions were planned to help the trainers to find ways to adopt positive masculinities in working with adolescent boys and girls in the tea garden areas of Assam. Over the six days, the participants shared personal reflections about the impact that patriarchy has had on their own lives; watched films, sang and danced together; discussed practical interventions for challenging harmful social norms and building new ways of thinking and acting; and shared a plan of intervention and collective action.

The workshop used participatory tools and small group work to enable creativity, in-depth conversations, and action planning. It fostered unconventional dialogues and avoided very formal presentations to bring out collective discussions and dynamic exercises, leaving space for spontaneous initiatives. The structure of the agenda of the workshop followed a certain flow and logic. Day 1 started with personal and diverse perspectives on understanding masculinities, the relationship between power and masculinities, and the intersection of masculinities; Day 2 focused on exploring power, patriarchy, and change in depth then aimed at making connections at intersections, exploring commonalities and tensions, whilst Day 3 started with understanding gender and transformative

change ended with setting some directions and forward-looking planning.

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