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Introducing Our Operational Units.

MITRA : Men’s Initiatives to Transform Relationships through Action

MITRA functions as a resource centre driving practice around work with men and boys. It operationalizes and support different approaches to engaging men and boys within a rights based framework for promoting ‘positive’ masculinities and gender justice at the community level.

MITRA promotes national and regional discussions and exchange of lessons on this issue and operates through a broad alliance of women’s rights and social justice allies. It acts as a bridge between activists, organizations, institutions, researchers, media and others working on this issues.

The key activities of MITRA include providing training and capacity building, supporting grass roots implementation of projects with men and boys, supporting campaigns and building and sharing knowledge on different approaches and aspects of work on men and boys. MITRA is led by Mr. Deepak Balan

For more details, visit the website https://www.mitraindia.org Or write to: mahednra@chsj.org


SEHER supports women’s access to health services and related entitlements under various schemes and National programs. Some of the different marginalized women it works with include single women, Dalit women, Tribal women’s and adolescent girls on issues like access to health services through newly introduced insurance schemes, maternal health entitlements, nutritional support and so on.

SEHER works closely with grass root level organizations/ networks working with marginalized/socially excluded communities in developing models that enables community to access their health related entitlements. It supports these networks to leverage existing mechanisms and platforms to raise their issues from the grass root to the programmatic levels to create inclusive health policy/programs. It has close partnerships with existing networks like Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathana (ENSS), Maternal Health Rights Campaign (MHRC), Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand Women’s Health Network (JWHN) for effective field level interventions. Some of the strategies that has adopted by the Centre are research, capacity building and advocacy.

The Centre is based out of Delhi and led by Sandhya Gautam.

For more details, visit the website https://www.seher.co.in Or write to: sandhya@chsj.org

People’s Forum for Justice and Health

People’s Forum for Justice and Health (People’s Forum) is CHSJ’s initiative based in Bangalore (Karnataka State). It is an incubation and facilitation platform to stimulate critical thinking, strengthen perspectives and to facilitate civil society solidarity towards galvanising collective action for social justice, health equity and community rights. It primarily works with people’s organizations and citizens engaged with marginalized communities for their empowerment and social change. People’s Forum also addresses policy issues concerning health, gender and social justice through research, campaigns and policy advocacy.

Currently, People’s Forum focuses on Dalit Communities, Manual Scavengers, Devadasis and Agricultural Laborers and their issues of dignity, livelihood and access to public services. Dr. E Premdas Pinto, Senior Fellow – Policy and Research (Honorary) at CHSJ, is the convener of People’s Forum

For more details, visit the website www.peoplesforum.org/in Or write to: premdas@chsj.org


Centre for Creative Communication

Creative Communication for Development (CC4D) is the communication centre and provides all the communication support to different aspects of CHSJ’s work. It functions as a Communication Support Service organization and provide different types of communication support to various NGOs, CBOs, foundations and various state and central government departments.

The present work of the Centre includes:
1. Providing filmmaking and documentation support to client organisations.
2. Provide strategic communication support to projects, programmes and campaigns.
3. Development of behaviour change communication (BCC), information education
communication (IEC) and advocacy materials/products.
4. Review of communication materials and IEC initiatives for projects, programmes and
5. Capacity building on filmmaking.
6. Website development and management of various social media platforms.
The unit will be based out of Delhi and led by Sambit Mohanty Program Manager
Communication at CHSJ.

For more details, visit the website www.creativecomm.com Or write to: sambit@chsj.org



Parichiti is the feminist action centre of CHSJ and works towards strengthening women’s leadership for equality. Parichiti is based out of Kolkata and has evolved out of an earlier women’s rights initiative of the same name. In its earlier form Parichiti had been working since 2004 on the rights of marginalised women especially Women Domestic Workers

(WDWs) in Kolkata and neighbouring areas. Parichiti works with WDW collectives called ‘Samadhan Dal’ and they successfully negotiated better working conditions from their employers. WDW who face domestic violence are provided case work support. Parichiti is also involved in advocacy with authorities.

In the past it has worked with the railway authorities and was successful in securing benefits for women domestic workers, who were railway commuters, by way of toilets for women and designated waiting areas in stations and increasing number of women’s compartments. In the last two years, Parichiti, as the feminist action centre of CHSJ, has systematised its work on domestic violence. It is working in 20 urban slums of South Kolkata where a majority of the women are domestic workers. Parichiti is also building awareness and skills among men and boys to take action for reducing gender discrimination and address gender based violence at the domestic and community level. Parichiti is also working with elderly women and has established drop-in centres for elderly women in five slums in south Kolkata.

The work of Parichiti is being led and managed by Anchita Ghatak.

For more details, visit the website https://www.parichiti.org.in/ Or write to: kakuli.parichiti@chsj.org

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