Who Are We

Who Are We

Our Founding Story

Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ) was set up in 2005 as a Public Charitable Trust to promote social justice with specific reference to the fields of health, human development, gender equality and human rights’.

CHSJ was envisioned by a group of experienced development professionals who were keen to promote the overall health status of vulnerable communities. The work started at the same time that the Government of India announced the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to strengthen public health systems in the country. CHSJ was engaged in supporting the government initiative by developing and piloting several projects to bring communities and health systems closer to each other, with a particular focus on vulnerable and marginalized communities. Reproductive Health, particularly maternal health and family planning were two areas where CHSJ was very proactive. CHSJ also took up the challenge of promoting gender equality by engaging men and boys as active participants in this process

Over the years the activities of CHSJ have evolved in view of the changing context but in consonance with its aims and objectives. . Using a range of strategies including community engagement, research, creative communications and advocacy CHSJ has been able to create a niche for itself both in the national arena as well as globally both in the domains of Health Governance and Men and Gender Equality.

CHSJ Today

Over the last fifteen years CHSJ has strengthened its ability to influence the direction of social justice action in the field of health governance and gender equality by strengthening, research and knowledge production as well as through strengthening practitioner capacity and stimulating civic action.

CHSJ today has a competent team and strong relations with various networks and organizations across the country and with key stakeholders across the world especially in the global South. The overall leadership processes in CHSJ have become more broad based with the overall guidance of the Founder Managing Trustee and Board. The operations are being implemented by autonomous units working on interrelated themes across different locations across the country.

The overall governance model of CHSJ is two layered, with each unit having its own operational mechanism through a set of operational guidelines and processes and supervised by an Advisory Board. The second level of Governance and oversight is provided through the CHSJ Board of Trustees and the Programme Coordination Committee comprising of the Unit leads . Administrative and Programme Development and Fund-raising support is provided through the Programme Support Unit.

Our Team

Dr Abhijit Das

Managing Trustee

Ajay Kumar

Areeba Khaleed

Arun Kumar

Baishakhi Karan


Kakuli Deb

Mahendra Kumar

Unit leader – MITRA-Bundelkhand

Mallika Das

Nibedita Phukan

Priyanka Sarkar

Rima Pal

Unit leader – MITRA-Bundelkhand

Sandhya Gautam

Director Programmes

Sangram Mandal

Satish Singh

Finance Advisor

Shreeti Shakya

Shubhra Sarkar

Sourav Majumder

Sreerupa Pyne


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